Dee Ayotte

Custom Metal Art

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Dee Ayotte

About Me

I am an artist based in Phelpston, Ontario, Canada. I work with metal and create a variety of items in steel and stainless steel for indoor and outdoor display. More about me...

Wall Hangings

Items such as this wall hanging are made entirely in Canada by hand, by me, and are powder coated to provide the longest lasting finish possible. Some items like the one shown here have painted accents.

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Cardinal couple
Happy Campers

Firepit Rings

My firepit rings are popular. Up to 48" in diameter with custom artwork to each family's specifications.

Custom Pieces

Customers often ask for one-of-a kind pieces which I'm only too happy to provide.

Custom pieces...
Big Moustache

Custom Collaboration

Let's put our head together. I can do custom collaboration work such as this chandelier.

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